Why People Who Date Overthinkers Are Happier

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You dont like to admit it yourself because it induces you sound insecure, but you know you’re an overthinker. You overthink things like the type of smile person gave you and the fact that you tripped on the sidewalk the other day and youre wondering whether or not everyone who looks at you is remembering you as the girl who embarrassed herself.

Now you eventually find a person who seems to like everything about you. They tell all the right things after you struggle to think of a written reply that wont build you seem too eager, or that wont give away the fact that youve only been talking to the person for a few days and already like them so much. But as you get to know the other person, you realize that theyre also an overthinker. They read and re-read their replies to you just as you do for them. And you know that because either they tell you or their messages contain no typos or grammatical mistakes and usually that doesnt happen unless you go through and edit what you wrote

But as you keep talking to the person, you realize that theyre not so scary after all. So perhaps you tell them that you are a major overthinker.

And maybe they tell you that they are, too.

And after that moment of sharing your mutual propensities to overthink everything, whatever you two are develops into the possibility of a relationship. After learning that the person you like is also an overthinker, you see that youre in this together. You realize that maybe you dont need to filter every single thing you say because the other person are aware of. They are no longer viewed as godly or unreachable; they are right in front of you. And they understand your insecurities and your mastered talent of overthinking. Now, when you are talking to the other person, you dont “re going to have to” overthink as much because they will understand if you say something dumb.

So maybe youll merely re-read your text once. Perhaps youll be with the person and youll want to say something but youll think Is this okay to say? Is it too soon for me to say this? Youll just say it. And the other person will appreciate the fact that youre being honest with them and opening up a little more than you would have if they werent an overthinker as well. And if you do happen to say something dumb, you can just say Can you tell that I didnt overthink that? and laugh about it together. And believe it or not, the other person will probably like you even more since they are see that youre nervous, too. Theyll should be noted that you make missteps, too. Theyll feel less nervous around you because theyll know that if they say something dumb, youll understand because youve definitely been in their shoes before.

Youll speedily grow to be more comfortable around one another because slowly but surely, youll stop overthinking things with them. Things will simply become easy with the other person.

And youll both be happier because of it.

Because youll be able to be your goofy, fallible self. And the other person will fall in love with YOU , not with the you that overthinks things and tries to be perfect. You lose yourself when you try to be perfect. Darling, embrace your quirks because the person youre with will love you for them. And hell hope youll love his, too. And when youre lying on the couch with him, giggling about how your outfit couldnt be farther away from matching, youll remember that your relationship all began with a lot of overthinking. And youll suppose Oh how boring it was to overthink everything.

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