We’ve observed the only thing better than human Joe Biden, and it’s a puppy named Biden

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Puppies have captured our hearts for doing all sorts of things: going to weddings, working hard( or hardly running )~ ATAGEND, even being hilariously bad at puppy proves.( For National Puppy Day tomorrow, they will succeed in holding our attention for doing nothing more than merely existing .) But one lucky puppy is attaining big waves for nuzzling noses with his namesake.

That’s right: There is finally someone more adorable than human( and former Vice President) Joe Biden, and it’s a Golden Retriever pup named Biden.

The two Bidens shared an adorable introduction in D.C.when the two-legged Biden returned to the Capitol for the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.( More like Aww-fordable, amirite ?)

You’ve gotta admit they’re pretty cute together. But can anything top the glorious duo ofObama and Biden? Now that they’ve left office, we suppose there’s room for another BFF in Biden’s life, but his new furry friend has big shoes to fill.

That told, this isn’t furry Biden’s first journey to Capitol Hill, either: The little puppy has big aspirations for a 4-month-old.

top dog dc

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i have a dreaming

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In the unlikely event you didn’t immediatelydo so already, you can follow along with all of Biden’s adventures with his human Sydney over onhis Instagramaccount, @BidentheGolden.

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