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The idea was to transform four miles of the West Side into one hundred acres of urban parkland that would embrace houses, shops, and offices–with a six-lane highway underneath. But Westway never happened.”>

Traipsing along the Hudson River on Manhattans West Side today, enjoying green spaces, stunning vistums, and happy people, its easy to forget that this area recently was a dump– epitomizing urban decay and governmental dysfunction.

After ships became too big to dock there, the rotting piers became wild urban hub in the 1970 s. A city of grime and crime supplanted the thrifty, hardworking, earnest metropolis of the 1940 s and 1950 s.

Today, as children giggle, birds tweet, waves lap amid autoes whizzing by, belching deplete, hear the ghost of the great Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan whisper: This is grand, but had you listened to me and built Westway, it would be heavenly!

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