7 Style To Stimulate Sure Your Next Date Isn’t Awkward

Theres a lot more that goes into a successful date than just looking good and reeking good. We always hope we wont act awkward, standoffish, or accidentally say something weird. You want the date to run smoothly, and you dont wishes to do anything that might turn off your date. Its never a good feeling to leave a date with someone youre interested in feeling as though it didnt go well, and feeling certain you wont be seeing him or her again.

Sometimes, the first few dates are agonizing and uncomfortable, but you then start to learn what types of dates work for you and you notice which dates allow you to feel more at ease and therefore less awkward.

With these tips, youll be able to avoid bad dates and figure out how to put a stop to an uncomfortable date before it starts. Here are 7 ways to make sure your next date isnt awkward 😛 TAGEND

1. Plan ahead

Having a plan is one of the best ways to make sure your date will go smoothly. A plenty of introverted people and socially awkward people rely on this dating strategy. Your date night scheme should include things like reservations, an attire picked out, a decide period, a meeting place and a second location pre-planned in case the date “re gonna be okay” and you want to stay out.

Research things like comedy demonstrates, karaoke bars, and dont shy away from reading reviews and asking around so that you know what youre get into. Its a lot better than being astounded when a venue isnt at all what you expected. If you are able to, go on a reconnaissance mission so that you know what to expect, and if it doesnt go well, add it to your listing of date locatings to avoid.

2. Embrace distractions

When I suggest that you espouse distractions, I dont mean that you should be scrolling through Snapchat on your date. What I entail is, an awkward person doesnt require the attention on them at all times on a date. Run to places like open-mic nights, karaoke bars, slapstick clubs and improv centers so that you can enjoy your dates company without feeling the pressure to build conversation all night long.

I lately went for drinkings with a guy who planned the perfect date. He knew of a cute little eatery/ saloon that had 9pm stand-up slapstick performances every night. So, he suggested we meet there at 8p m, devoting us one hour to chat before we would be focusing on the performance. This worked well because it was easy to find things to talk about for an hour, but it was nice to be able to stop talking after that and just watch a indicate and laugh while his arm was around me.

3. Dont go anywhere too fancy

If you somewhere fancy on your date, youll feeling even more uncomfortable and ingested with obsessive thoughts. At a fancy place, youll is just like and and Not to mention the fear that you didnt pronounce the menu item you ordered properly.

For some reason, you really feel the pressure and feel the high expectations at a fancy place. You feel as though you must be on your best behaviour, and you end up not really being yourself. Its better to keep it casual for the first few dates, until youre comfy enough with each other to survive the white tablecloths and 3 forks.

4. Dress appropriately for the type of date youre going on

When youre choosing an outfit for a date, you want to avoid anything that requires upkeep, constant adjustments, or causes ache. For instance, dont wear the skirt that is notorious for always riding up. Dont wear the blouse with the buttons that sometimes pop open. Dont wear the red lipstick that smears. And definitely, dont wear the high heels that hurt to walk in. If you wear these things, youll attain your date awkward and feel uncomfortable.

There are plenty of lip stains that dont come off when you feed, and there are lots of stylish yet comfortable shoes. Fashionable sneakers are trendy right now and youll definitely be able to walk in them without complications.

5. Dont go anywhere too quiet

In general, the noisy buzz of people and music will help you get through an unnerving date, and that noise in the background will also help you not notice any awkward silences. An awkward stillnes feelings 10 times more awkward in a silent, empty eatery. Ill tell you that much.

You dont want to go anywhere thats so loud that you cant hear one another talk, but you do want to pick a place that has a healthy level of background noise. Again, this is where research comes in handy. Youll get to know the restaurants and lounges that are always decently busy , not too loud and not too quiet.

6. Avoid anywhere with line-ups

Although going to the Zoo or going to a theme park appears to have been a good date notion, its not. At least not until youre comfy with such person or persons. Youre going to be waiting in long line-ups, and that can be awkward. Sometimes youre stuck in the sun and youre hot, sweaty and not in the mood to make small talk while you wait in line. Plus , nobody waiting in lines, so maybe its not as fun of a date notion as you think.

7. Say no to anything too romantic

Im all about the romantic date, but its not something I want to partake in until Im confident that him and I will become something. I want to know that what we have is real, and get to know him in casual defines at first. It can be super awkward to go on an extremely romantic, extravagant and intimate date in the beginning. If you act too much like a couple too soon, you are able to end up frightening each other away. I induced the mistake of going on a romantic weekend getaway at an intimate hotel with a guy I had only been dating for a few weeks, and I realized it an unbelievably stupid thing to do. It was too soon, too awkward, and the last I ever assured of him.

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The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Every Stage Of A Relationship

Christmas is right around the corner, and it can be a stressful period for those who are in new relationships and arent sure what to get for bae. Even those in long-term relationships struggle with the decision of what the best gift for their partner would be.

The fact is, an appropriate gift that will be well-received will be different depending on where youre at in your relationship.

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, theres such a thing as doing too much, and theres such a thing as doing too little, but this greatly depends on what stage your relationship is in and how serious it is.

For your convenience, heres a gift guidebook for every grey area, every situationship, and every stage of a relationship 😛 TAGEND

Dating for 2 years or more

Situation : Long-term relationship Gift for her : Diamond earrings or Tiffany& Co jewelry

Theyre sparkly. Theyre gorgeous. They go with everything. Diamonds are a girls best friend. We get several orders right before Christmas, and the majority of members of those orders come from humen shopping for their long-term girlfriend or their wife, Josh Raber, founder of Vancouver Diamonds told me. Diamond earrings are the perfect Christmas gift for those in severe or long-term relationships.

This is one of the most romantic and timeless gifts to give.

If youre in the long-term relationship stage, you also cant go wrong with anything from Tiffany& Co. Most females will love pretty much from Tiffany, and a piece of jewelry from there is a luxury item so its perfect for those of your with serious girlfriends. It also comes in adorable packaging, complete with a romantic satin ribbon and its very high-quality jewelry that lasts.

Gift for him : A stylish engraved watch

An engraved watch is gift for him thats stylish, sentimental, practical and timeless. Every man should have a stylish watch in his collect of accessories. To make it romantic and personal, you can engrave the watch with our love is timeless, period stands still when Im with you or for all time with your initials engraved underneath the message.

Many females keep an eye out for new trends in mens watches, and give their man a new watch every Christmas. Just like women with their shoes, humen cant have enough watches in their collection.

Dating for 1 to 2 years

Situation : Serious relationship Gift for her : An initial necklace or an inscribed bracelet

Initial necklaces are trendy right now, so you cant go wrong with this gift. Stella& Dot has beautiful initial necklaces in gold, silver or rose gold. If youre one of those guys who dislikes shopping, they make it easy with user-friendly online purchase, quick shipping and beautiful packaging so that you dont need to wrap it. Stella& Dot also allows the buyer to customize the engraving on several products such as necklaces and bracelets. You can even customize the font. The personalized touch of a customized engraving shows thought and care, which induces for the best type of Christmas gift for those of you in serious relationships.

Not sure what to engrave? If its a bracelet, something like youre beautiful or I love you is adorable, and if its a necklace pendant that requires a shorter message, simply get your anniversary date engraved on it or both of your initials engraved is perfect.

Gift for him : An inscribed men key necklace

The best place to get a cool men necklace that hell love is from The Giving Keys. My favourite is the Matte Black Key Necklace for him, which was originally inspired by a New York hotel room key.

The sexy matte black will look great with everything and hell wear it all the time. Suppose of it as a key to your heart, and engrave it with a special personalized message for him. You could engrave his key with the date “youve met”, a special word, or both of your initials.

Dating for 6 months to 1 year

Situation : Ready to commit Gift for her : A simple piece of jewelry

If youve been noticing a jewelry tendency in this list, its because jewelry is something your partner can wear and think of you. Its sentimental and it means something when someone picks a jewelry item out, because chose it.

If youve been dating for at the least six months, opportunities are youve already said I love you to each other, or youre ready to say it for the first time. Youre probably ready to take the next step and make a commitment. The best Christmas gift for this stage is still jewelry but a simpler piece that shows youre not going too over the top too soon.( In other words , no diamonds yet .) Something like these cute unicorn earrings from LanaBetty would be perfect for her.

Gift for him : A weekend away with you

When youre starting to get serious with him, the best thing you can do is spend a weekend away together to get to know each other even better and progress the relationship. A weekend away that youve planned and paid for is the perfect Christmas gift.

Dating for 3 to 6 months

Situation : Newly dating Gift for her : A corsage of flowers and a nice bottle of wine

After the six month mark, I think its safe to say youre in more than a situationship. Youre a couple at this phase, so its okay indicate some thought and be romantic but you utterly go over the top. A corsage of beautiful roses and a bottle of great wine is a gift is an appropriate gift for this stage of a relationship. Especially the wine. We like wine. Wine is good.

Gift for him : A gift certificate to get a massage

Chances are he works hard, has sore shoulders, and a gift certificate to get a massage is a thoughtful gift. By not get a couples massage and instead only get his own massage, youre showing that youre not trying to move the relationship too quickly but that you still wanted to get something for him on Christmas.

Dating for 2 months or less

Situation : Nothing( yet)

Gift for her : No gift but maybe a fun vacation activity

Gift for him : Ditto

If youve been dating for less than two months, a gesture in the form of a gift is not really expected. That doesnt mean you cant do for each other. You could scheme a fun vacation activity to do together, and thats more than enough for this new stage of a non-relationship.

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14 Reasons Why Traveling Is A Lot Like Falling In Love

1. Your longing to discover more is heightened.

Theres always something about that someone you fall in love with thats fascinating and exhilarating. You want to get to know the person on a deeper level and yet, no matter how much you know about the person, there will always be more to discover that thrills. You just wake up in a trance wanting to know everything there is to learn about the person.

In traveling, every time you go somewhere, unconsciously, you look at it just the same way. You are driven. When you go to some place, correspondingly you dive into the unfamiliar and each step you take only gets you a step closer to unraveling its beauty. In return, the place slowly reveals itself to you. However, you yearn to discover more about it because even if you might just be re-visiting the place, youll realize that there will always be more to it to discover, explore, and experience.

2. You make sacrifices selflessly.

You realize that you just cant have everything. There are things that you will have to sacrifice at some point. You tend to set your priorities in order. You may no longer seem to be the person that you used to be but youre fine with it anyway. You learn to adjust and compromise with the person you fell in love with. You dont recount on the issues in between you two but you tend to trust the person more than the blossoming relationship.

In traveling, you are forced to make a lot of sacrifices too. You cannot predict what happens on the road. Thus, you work your way to deal with every situation as it is, however its good or bad. You defy the odds that comes your way. You try to twist negative encounters with a fellow to something positive no matter what. On the road, you tend to be flexible in every situation. Thus, you always come glorious even during misadventures. You treat it like a life lesson you carry with you all through your next travels. You just adjust and learn to compromise, you become bolder, stronger and forgiving too.

3. You forget your reservations.

Falling in love with someone could be scary too. No matter how long you know the person does not give any assurance of security. But, because you intend to be open to the person as you fall deeply in love, you put your guards down and let yourself get through your own inhibitions.

Just like in traveling, allowing yourself to go out there puts you in an implausible amount of pressure. At times you tend to also feel burdened trying your best to make sure that things during each travels go smoothly as planned. But, once youre in it, you tend to overlook your dilemmas and set aside your doubts. Whats important is that youre there, enjoying the ride, and is terrifically ready for it no matter what happens in between.

4. You accept the good and the bad.

The more you get to know the person you just fell in love with, you find yourself falling in love even more. Learning about their dark past, sad story, and heavy luggage doesnt change it. You learn to embrace them and even end up loving their flaws too. In traveling, misadventures are inevitable. However, you know how to handle every bad situation you encounter. You just accept it and treat it like a whole new experience to learn from.

5. You divulge that part of you that nobody knows.

When youre just starting to get into a relationship, little by little you bare your soul. That soul may just be about that side of you that others dont know of. You can just be the person that you are with this person, comfortably. The same is true when it comes to traveling. When youre new in a place, you tend to not be afraid to show and represent yourself. You could be as silly without worrying to be judged. You tend to find how its easier to even start up a conversation and say whats on your mind. Its even amusing how to end up revealing this side of you that you dont even know existed.

6. You are inspired and motivated.

Falling in love can be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Sometimes, you can picture a life with the person you fell in love with and that keeps you feeling good while doing your thing. You may find yourselves working on a common goal too. It keeps you both interested in keeping your growing relationship because you see that youre good for each other.

Traveling is a lot like that too. It can bring out the best in you in many ways. It could also be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Youll find yourself working hard to save for a travel fund and find yourself realizing your travel plan anytime soon. Youll want to work even harder, become better and, if possible, be more at everything. Because you think that it will make you fully equipped to deal with whatever is going to happen on the road. It matters to you to be a better person to share to the world and even a better person to share to your loved ones and friends when you get back home.

7. You want to try new things you never tried before.

Falling in love could also mean falling in love with the differences you share with someone. Not required, but you tend to try to experience how it is with your special someones shoes. You tend to push yourself out of your comfort zone to understand the person youre building a relationship with. There is essentially a reasonable rush of adrenaline that gives you confidence to do things you think you wouldnt do ever. Not to impress them but to genuinely show your interest in them by trying to make your flourishing relationship work. In traveling, the urge in wanting to try new things is unbelievable. You just cant get enough of anything. A new skill could open a door to another which pushes you to continuously try and learn another. Thus, trying becomes unending and so does traveling, as a huge venue to learning new things.

8. It is painful when its over.

Falling in love entails a lot of risks. Youre love may not be reciprocated. Youre blossoming relationship may not last. And it will hurt. It will hurt tremendously that you may no longer want to gamble in love anymore. Its the same with traveling, when time is up and its time to go home, youll find yourself wanting to stay a little longer. It saddens you that a trip is over especially when you eyed to visit the place too long. However, in traveling, there is just no moving on. You can just keep coming back and plan for more adventures.

9. You look forward each to moment.

You wake up with a smile and jump out of bed enthusiastically. You are positive about what the day has to offer. You simply just look forward to making the day even more worthwhile with your special someone or with the destination youre heading to. No matter how yesterdays may be tough, you actively wake up at dawn to watch out for the amazing sunrise, start on the trip early, beat the traffic, grab a sumptuous breakfast on the way, dare to experience, and yet, completely understand that misadventures are inherent. However, you look forward and anticipate a good day, anyway.

10. It leaves a mark in your life forever.

No matter how short or long the relationship would last, you know that it will always be a part of you. You know that some time in the future, you will remember the person. It could make you smile, it could make you sad, but, nevertheless, it will remind you of a lesson and you will only be grateful that you went through it and became the person that you are at the present. Just like in traveling, a destination can provide you a good view of how to see things differently. Whatever kind of memories you bring with you after a travel, you only end up being thankful that once in your life, you went through an experience that changed the way you see things and theres nothing going to be like it.

11. You see and appreciate how the earth could get colorful, not gray.

Everything just seems to be perfectly beautiful and faultless when you fall in love. You can overlook the flaws, the shortcomings, and doubts. The same goes with traveling, too. You just tend to be relaxed and be at peace. You just dont pay attention to the downsides but look into it in a positive perspective no matter how ugly it could possibly get. You just stay in a good mood, romanticizing everything the place has to offer, and seizing the moment without regrets but only good memories to treasure.

12. You cant get enough.

When you fall in love, every waking day seems like a moment to date and to exchange sweet nothings. You will find yourself having more sense of purpose. Your existence must now include loving and professing love continuously. The experience will make your heart skip a beat and everything you do will seem to revolve around it. Its a mixture of different emotions that you only find yourself craving for more. A day or two may not be enough. You have to see the person you fell in love with as often as you feel like it. In traveling, you will never get enough too. A place couldnt just be a place for you. You will find yourself wanting to experience some more. You will be filled with captured images but at some point, it will never be enough to describe your whole experience. Because the best storyteller will always be you who have experienced coming to a somewhere first hand.

13. You dont miss every detail no matter how little they are.

When you fall gradually in love, you get to know the person bit by bit too. You just dont miss a single little detail about them. It liberates you to know them all. Because somehow, it becomes a validation of how deeply you know the person youre in love with. Just like in traveling, you tend to look at every little thing too, youre very observant; from how each city run their streets, to their customs and traits, to every attraction that you come to explore. Thats why most travelers on record are great storytellers too because they are keen to observe and can readily notice anything.

14. You do anything to make it worthwhile.

You stay calm but try your hardest to make the growing relationship stable and exciting at the same time. You may not be sure where it leads you two but because you invested in genuine feelings and emotions, you simply try your best to make it work to last, somehow. Just like in traveling, you know it always comes with a risk but what would enjoyment mean when you dont go through all the difficulties on the road?

So there you have it, deciphered, how traveling is a lot like falling in love. And just like with falling in love, you may also fear, experience heartbreaks, rare little regrets, have lessons learned, and always a story to tell. Do you agree with us by saying that falling in love is a lot like traveling? How beautiful it is to love. Yet, how even beautiful it is to travel for some. Whats your take? Spread the love. Travel lots!

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