10 Little-Known Signs That Your Partner Is Becoming Emotionally Detached( So You Can Stop Them From Violating Up With You)

These are some little known psychological warning signs that indicate your partner might be starting to become emotionally remotefrom you . If you answer yes to 3 or more, you will probably need to take action now 😛 TAGEND 1. Does he look to his left a lot when speaking to you ? Research has shown that an individual who looks upwards and to his left a lot during a conversation is not being honest with you about something. Appearing to his left hand side is an indicator hes employing the creative side of his brain and may be lying .( Yes/ No) 2. Do his shoes point to you ? When you’re out with friends, insure what way his shoes are pointing most of the time. If they consistently phase away from you, it might be his subconscious saying he’s not interested anymore.( Yes/ No) 3. They’re not as into sexuality anymore as they used be ? A change in a persons sex behavior can be a sign they don’t want to express feelings for you anymore. It could also be a sign they’re get sex somewhere else.( Yes/ No) 4. Do they treat you like an unwanted telemarketer ? If they don’t want to stay on the phone long with you or their texting conversations have become short recently, it may be a sign he’s about to dump you.( Yes/ No) 5. Has be patted your back lately while hugging you ? This can be a sign that he ensure you more as a friend rather than a romantic partner. The pat demonstrates he is uneasy about carrying feeling for you.( Yes/ No) 6. Have you noticed you don’t mirror each other any more ? If one partner is becoming emotionally remote from the relationship they will stop the automatic mirroring of their partner that they did in the early part of the relationship. If you’re not in sync anymore, it will show in your body language together.( Yes/ No) 7. Have they tried to pick fightings with you recently over unimportant things ? If they’re trying to picking fightings with you over silly things, it might be that they want to ignite an debate so that they are able to breakup with you. He can use the argument as the excuse for initiating the breakup. This route he can divert some of the heat away from himself and onto you.( Yes/ No) 8. Have you seen a change in their writing ? Get out your last birthday or valentines card from your devotee. Some experts have suggested that if they finish the word love with a small “e” it can be a sign their struggling to write the word love to you because they know their love has gone. Likewise if they write your name smaller than usual, it can be a subconscious response to your diminished importance in “peoples lives”.( Yes/ No) 9. Have they taken a renewed interest in their appearance lately ? A partner, who is cheating or thinking of leaving you, will often indicate this sign. There maybe someone new in their lives that they feel warrants making the extra endeavour for. New cologne, new hairstyle or new wardrobe could spell difficulty.( Yes/ No) 10. If you bring up the future, do they change the conversation ? I’m not talking about determining down and having infants. If your boyfriend seems unsure about that weekend away next month or even going to see that new movie in the cinema next week, it may be that they don’t expect to be still going out with you by then.( Yes/ No)

Did you know?

Research has shown that the period most people get dumped in is in the first 3 to 5 months. If you’re in this time period you should take care in watching out for the above signs of emotional detachment in relationships.But of course break-ups can happen at any stage in a relationship.

If you suspect that your partner might break up with you in the near future, there are things you can do to stop it. In my volume,” The Lovemap Code: How To Construct Someone Fall In Love With You Utilizing Psychology” I expand on this relationship quiz and present you how you are able to avoid a breakup before it happens or even while it’s happening. It is possible to reverse a breakup, but prevention is a lot better( and easier) than cure.

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Why People Who Date Overthinkers Are Happier

You dont like to admit it yourself because it induces you sound insecure, but you know you’re an overthinker. You overthink things like the type of smile person gave you and the fact that you tripped on the sidewalk the other day and youre wondering whether or not everyone who looks at you is remembering you as the girl who embarrassed herself.

Now you eventually find a person who seems to like everything about you. They tell all the right things after you struggle to think of a written reply that wont build you seem too eager, or that wont give away the fact that youve only been talking to the person for a few days and already like them so much. But as you get to know the other person, you realize that theyre also an overthinker. They read and re-read their replies to you just as you do for them. And you know that because either they tell you or their messages contain no typos or grammatical mistakes and usually that doesnt happen unless you go through and edit what you wrote

But as you keep talking to the person, you realize that theyre not so scary after all. So perhaps you tell them that you are a major overthinker.

And maybe they tell you that they are, too.

And after that moment of sharing your mutual propensities to overthink everything, whatever you two are develops into the possibility of a relationship. After learning that the person you like is also an overthinker, you see that youre in this together. You realize that maybe you dont need to filter every single thing you say because the other person are aware of. They are no longer viewed as godly or unreachable; they are right in front of you. And they understand your insecurities and your mastered talent of overthinking. Now, when you are talking to the other person, you dont “re going to have to” overthink as much because they will understand if you say something dumb.

So maybe youll merely re-read your text once. Perhaps youll be with the person and youll want to say something but youll think Is this okay to say? Is it too soon for me to say this? Youll just say it. And the other person will appreciate the fact that youre being honest with them and opening up a little more than you would have if they werent an overthinker as well. And if you do happen to say something dumb, you can just say Can you tell that I didnt overthink that? and laugh about it together. And believe it or not, the other person will probably like you even more since they are see that youre nervous, too. Theyll should be noted that you make missteps, too. Theyll feel less nervous around you because theyll know that if they say something dumb, youll understand because youve definitely been in their shoes before.

Youll speedily grow to be more comfortable around one another because slowly but surely, youll stop overthinking things with them. Things will simply become easy with the other person.

And youll both be happier because of it.

Because youll be able to be your goofy, fallible self. And the other person will fall in love with YOU , not with the you that overthinks things and tries to be perfect. You lose yourself when you try to be perfect. Darling, embrace your quirks because the person youre with will love you for them. And hell hope youll love his, too. And when youre lying on the couch with him, giggling about how your outfit couldnt be farther away from matching, youll remember that your relationship all began with a lot of overthinking. And youll suppose Oh how boring it was to overthink everything.

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I Read My Ex’s Diary And Detected He Never Loved Me

I don’t know why I answered my ex’s text message last weekend. I guess I was boredbecause my love life is more or less nonexistent. I also hadn’t heard from him in a while, and the curious part of me outweighed the rational part of me.

I broke up with him over a year ago, but the truth is, I never truly stopped loving him.

So when he texted me that he’d be spending a week in New York for a job interview, I told him he could stay with me in my tiny studio apartment. Offering my home to my homeless, unemployed ex-lover seemed like a altruistic thing to do, but I won’t deny that I had my fair share of selfish motives.

Our first night together was wonderful. I satisfied him on a street not far from my office, in the frost cold tundra that is New York in wintertime. We decided to go to dinner, and itwas great: We talked about work, determining ourselves and his tentative plans for the future. The conversation flowed the same way it did three years ago when we met; the only difference was we’re both simply a little bit older.

We went home, and I helped him unpack his things while he got settled in. We got “re ready for” bed and laythere, continuing dialogue. Then I kissed him on the cheek.

What happened next was only natural: sober, passionate sexuality. It was great in that kind of route you can only appreciate when you’ve gone too long without something you should have had in your life all along.

The next day wasn’t bad, either. When he came home from running errands, I laid out pizza and tidied the shower for him. I enjoyed taking care of him. It felt like we were together again.

I’d forgotten what it felt like to be that intimate with someone.

On the third day, he had a bunch of physician appointments lined up, so he went out for the working day while I went to work. When I got home, I noticed he had left his backpack on the floor by my bed.

I stopped cold.

The frumpy black container gazed at me, practically praying to be opened. I didn’t genuinely expect to find much in it — aftershave? Condoms? Maybe some snacks? — but when I unzipped the pocket, I find all of those things, plus a little diary.

Ah, that’s right . My ex loved to write.

For a moment, I hesitated, clutching the diary in my hands as if someone were trying to steal it from me. I considered calling my best friend to consult her about whether I should open it. Merely that’d be fruitless, because I had already made a decision. There were so many things I wanted to know. There were so many things I wanted him to say.

Time wasn’t on my side; I had an hour to read this thing covering to covering. And that’s exactly what I did.

There were carefully chronicled descriptions of every hot passerby 😛 TAGEND

Then, this girl in all white strolled onto the metro platform. God DAMN, she was so sexy.

There were confessions of body insecurities, which surprised me the most, because he was fit to a T 😛 TAGEND

Some days, I look in the mirror and am pretty damn pleased with what I ensure. Other days, I feel like the ugliest piece of sh* t on this planet. Lately, it’s is becoming more of the latter.

There were rambles of a guy too scared to open up 😛 TAGEND

I don’t trust women in New York.
I don’t trust women in society.

And then, there was my name. Sheena .

I could barely exhale. As I read from July 2014 through to August 2015 — a time in our relations when we weren’t dating, but still fervently maintained in touch — my heart sink. My name wasn’t surrounded by terms I’d often use to describe him in dialogue, like “care, ” or “love, ” “special.” The terms surrounding my name were just…ordinary. Lackluster, even.

He spoke not much higher of me than he did of the girl in white booty shorts on the subway platform. He was a detached observer, a human whose head was disconnected from his heart, if he even had one.

I was just a placeholder, filling a space of little significance in their own lives. It was a space that could just as well have been filled by someone else.Meanwhile, he had devoured every corner of my heart and every musing of my intellect. I was his fool.

I sat there, too stunned to believe, too paralyzed to move. Putting the diary down seemed like a good notion, though the damage was already done. I flung it aside, laydown on my side and pulled my knees in close. F* ck .

What was weird was how colorful his descriptions of other things — things that weren’t me — were.As I read, I noticed howeasy it was forhim to talk about people and places of which he’d only skimmed the surface.He talked about the momentary out-of-body feeling a hip-hop concert in downtown Brooklyn devoted him and the enchanting juxtaposition between the aforementionedgirl’s milky white dress and caramel-colored skin.

But when it came to me, or his uncle in a coma whom he’d visited the day before, his wordswere all fluff and no meat. Thesemoments paled in comparison to the moments he’d written about with strangers or atrandom shows.

It was impossible for him to talk aboutanything he spent time getting close to. He tookthose impressions, pushed them down and locked them away, never to be accessed again.

Everything about our relationship was beginning to make sense. Why he was always so remote. Why he had no problem living in the present, but couldn’t talk about the future. Why he was never as transparent with me as I would’ve liked for him to be. He was too damn afraid.

As I waited for him to return, I also waited for the tears. But they didn’t come.

When he ultimately came home, I was out of the fetal stance and ready to talk.

His gaze slowly stimulated its style from me, to the diary next to me, then back to me. He sat down, gripping the arms of the chair to keep from falling. I confronted him about the diary.

“Just let me speak, ” I said, polishing the monologue in my head that I’d practised on his route over. “I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t stop myself. I knew you were lost. But I didn’t know you were this lost. I’m just trying to get a sense of what the hell is going through your head. It’s so hard to read you. And I care about you too much.”

“I knew you’d do something dramatic like this, ” he countered, fitting in terms between deep breaths. “But I trusted you. That’s why I left my sh* t here.”

Typical us: me trying to pry him open because I assure his potential, him feeling attacked.

He laced his thumbs together and put his hands behind his head, leaning back on them the way person important does when he’s mid-decision. He was angry and disconcerted and fighting back tears. It was the first time I’d ever seen him remotely close to crying.

As I spoke and triedto justify what I’d done, doing my best not to sound like an obsessive lunatic, I told him I wasn’t surprised he’d minimise our four-year relationship until we voiced like two acquaintances wandering around in the dark. He’d always been defensive, and insecure, and afraid to let anyone get too close.

“This here — your confusion, immaturity, inability to stay in one place for too long — this is what kept us from being as great as we could have been, ” I told. “And I understand why you left New York to travelling. I would have done the same thing.”

He fidgeted and gazed at his shoes, getting up in between accusations to pick up pieces of apparel scattered around the room. It was as if I were uncovering every little secret he’d tried so hard to keep fromme since the working day we met.

He slowly packedaway his things.His diary. His too-small clothes. His pillow he carried around with him everywhere, like a little son, because he couldn’t part with it.

“Oh, ” he told, “by the way, I’m in love with person. And it isn’t you.”And then he left, slamming the door behind him.

His last attempt to hurt me. I knew it wasn’t true, because our first night he told me there was no one he loved in their own lives. But I suppose I deserved it.

Now, the tears came.

As much as I wanted to be mad at him, I couldn’t be. No, the pages weren’t filled with things I wanted to read — in fact, I wish I’d never read them — but I no longer have to wonder why he left New York, or why he picked on me relentlessly, or why “were in” made to fall apart from the very beginning.

He’s simply a son wildly unsure of how to become a man.

They tell everything happens for a reason. I know I breached his trust, but something tells me I was meant to find that diary. If my life were a romantic slapstick, this would be the climax of the story. This would be the pivotal moment for the romantic lead, whenshe eventually realizes what she deserves and is a hair away from procuring it.

Reading the diary “ve given me” closure. It stopped me from riding on a wave of false hope and unwarranted expectations.Because I learned that he never really loved me. I learned that men and women communicate on two completely different wavelengths.But most of all, I learned you are able to never genuinely tell what someone else is thinking, even the people you keep close.

And trust me, that’s a good thing. Because some things are simply better left unsaid.

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The Unspoken Rule Of Modern Dating: If Your Tie Isn’t Straight, Then You Don’t Love Her

If your tie-in isnt straight-out, if your shoes arent set on the carpeting by the door, if your dishes are left on the counter by the sink, then you dont love her.

See, its always been about the little things .

The smallest gestures that show you love person. That tell mutely and unconsciously, shes on your mind.

When you genuinely love person, it fills every pleat and cranny of their own lives. You think of that person, their desires, their wants and requires, and you are tuned into those things because they matter . .

You dont leave your dishes by the sink because it only takes another minute to rinse them and set them in the dishwasher. You dont walk around the house with shoes on because you know she appreciates her freshly-vacuumed floors.

You put your tie-in on straight-out because that goes to show appeared in the mirror. That you wanted to induce yourself presentable. That you thought of not only yourself, but of her, and desired to look your best, because shes yours and youre hers.

If your tie-in isnt straight-out, you dont love her.

Its not because youre lazy, or forgetful, or made a mistake. Its because you overlooked this little thing. Which constructs into bigger things, which suddenly becomes an attitude of nonchalance. Of indifference. Of falling out of love.

See, when your ties straight-out, you were purposeful. You were dedicated. You wanted things to be right, even the little things. Because little things matter. Because you love her, and your appearance is a reflection of who you areyour happiness, your confidence, and your the representatives from two people , not just one.

It sounds stupid, doesnt it? That a lopsided tie-in could suddenly landslide into something much bigger. But its the principle of it. The idea that you didnt look in the mirror. Didnt ask her to give you a once-over. Didnt lean into her for a good morning, a good afternoon, a goodnight kiss where she would have immediately pulled back, furrowed her eyebrows, and righted that off-kilter tie.

You didn’t think to involve her in this seemingly mundane part of their own lives. And it turns out, these moments actually matter more than you think .

Maybe its stupid, to proclaim that a tie-in matters so much.

But perhaps it isnt. Perhaps modern-day love really is built on those little moments. Built upon the way we lean into one another, and the way we carry ourselves, show ourselves to the world, boldly proclaiming that And I’m proud to show it.

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What You Need To Overcome In Order To Find Love, Based On Your Birth Order

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Perhaps Love Is About Letting The Little Things Go

Oh how the little irritations of someone elses habits can multiply and spread like a virus in the petri dish of our relationships:

Time to start caring less . Yes, Im arguing the fundamental glue that holds our relationships togetherhow much we care about each othercan and should be dialed back so we can enjoy longer, more intimate, more fabulous time together. At least, we should care a lot less about the smaller stuff. Lets set irritation in perspective.

I stopped at three a.m. on a lonely, secluded freeway in Iowa a few years back to stretch my legs. As soon as I stepped out of the car, a agitation of superstars assaulted me. I felt as if the sky was tumbling on top of meI set my hands above my head as a reflex. All around me, darkness: merely the intense, present, pressing superstars and their light.

I could see the broad outlines of the Milky Way! Being from the city, I had forgotten just how magnificent our galaxy lookings from the vantage point of a deserted, dark freeway. Carl Sagan was right: just outside our apartment, next to where we work, even as we sit beach side with a margarita, billions and billions of superstars, billions and billions of galaxies just like ours, and trillions and trillions of planets swirl in a cosmic panoply so massive we are not even grains of sand:

I felt a rush of generosity and patience.

The sublimity of the stars, and my miniscule place in them, did not construct me feel small but grateful. I felt a rush of elation for the miracle of being alive and the great luck of being a part of such magnificence.

My back didnt hurt. I didnt mind the crack in the windshield which had been annoying me the entire journey. I realise my smallness constructed me special.

Back in the car, I called my spouse to tell her I loved her. She didnt like being roused from dreamings but was kind back to me.

Our universe, by most estimations, is 16.5 billion years old. Billion. The Milky Way: a youngster at about 13.2 Billion. The ground is a relative newcomer, celebrating a 4.5 billion year anniversary. The dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago. The Antarctic Sponge can live about 1550 years. The Ocean Quahog, a delicious clam, can live for more than 400 years if not harvested for dinner. Bowhead whales live longer than 200 years. The average human gets about 70. The average human romantic relationship? About two years.

In the grand scheme of the universe, little aggravations are rather insignificant .

Toenail clippings and crimped toothpaste tubes are actually not that big of a deal Muddy shoes, a ding on the credit card, a few extra minutes before “youre leaving” for dinner: dandelion fluff you can throw onto the breeze of hour and keep forgetting in less hour than you take to forgive, smile, and tell,

The next time “youre feeling” peeved, when the irritation starts to rise, when you utterly must say something about the stack of newspapers in the corner, take a deep breath. We are miracles: in so massive and astounding a world, we have a place.

Remember the dinosaur. Consider the stars, that magnificent array of infinity hovering above us, and spread a little of the elation of simply being alive to everyone near you.

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40 Classic Carrie Bradshaw One-Liners That Every 20 -Something Woman Will Appreciate


Maybe some females arent meant to be tamed.


I’ve expended $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!


There is a good way to break up with person, and it doesnt involve a post-it!


When it comes to finance and dating, why do we keep investing?


I like my money where I can see it hanging in my closet.


I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.


I couldn’t understand a word she was saying, but I felt I had in my possession all the Italian I’d ever wished to know: Dolce, Dolce, Dolce.


Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you , now it means youre pretty sexy and youre taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to expend it with.


If he never calls me again, I’ll always think of him lovingly, as an asshole.


Why are there so many great American women and no great American men?


Beauty is fleeting, but a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park is forever.


I used to think those people who sat alone at Starbucks writing on their laptops were pretentious posers , now I know: they are people who have recently moved in with someone.


Are there women in New York who are just there to construct us feel bad about ourselves?


They say nothing lasts eternally; dreams change, tendencies come and go, but friendships never go out of style.


If we know the house always wins, why gamble?


Oh my God, hes online! Can he consider me?


Maybe pessimism is something we have to apply daily, like moisturizer.


Id like a cheeseburger, big fries, and a cosmopolitan.


I have a style, and jewelled panties aren’t it.


Soulmates: reality or torture device?


I revealed too much too soon I was emotionally slutty.


Cosmopolitans plus scotch equals relationship with an ex.


Men who are too good appearing are never good in bed because they never had to be.


Twenty-something daughters: friends, or foe?


And we were dressed from head to toe in love … the only label that never runs out of style.


The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes that’s why we need really special ones now and then to construct the walking a little more fun.


Can you get to a future if your past is present?


Some labels are best left in the closet.


” You knew I was more Coco Chanel than Coq au Vin .”


Somewhere out there is another little freak who will love us and understand us and kiss our three heads and make it all better.


When it comes to relationships, maybe were all in glass homes, and shouldnt throw stones.


Life gives you lots of chances to screw up which means you have just as many chances to get it right.


He was like the flesh and blood equivalent of a DKNY dress. you know it’s not your style, but it’s right there, so you try it on anyway.


After all, seasons change, so do cities; people come into your life and people go.


The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.


Meanwhile, all I wanted to do was run away.


Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes! I thought these were an urban shoe myth!


New York Magazine says Brooklyn is the new Manhattan.


Why is it that putting a affiliation around a man’s neck is sometimes even sexier than taking it off?


Dont forget to fall in love with yourself first.

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14 Reasons Why Traveling Is A Lot Like Falling In Love

1. Your longing to discover more is heightened.

Theres always something about that someone you fall in love with thats fascinating and exhilarating. You want to get to know the person on a deeper level and yet, no matter how much you know about the person, there will always be more to discover that thrills. You just wake up in a trance wanting to know everything there is to learn about the person.

In traveling, every time you go somewhere, unconsciously, you look at it just the same way. You are driven. When you go to some place, correspondingly you dive into the unfamiliar and each step you take only gets you a step closer to unraveling its beauty. In return, the place slowly reveals itself to you. However, you yearn to discover more about it because even if you might just be re-visiting the place, youll realize that there will always be more to it to discover, explore, and experience.

2. You make sacrifices selflessly.

You realize that you just cant have everything. There are things that you will have to sacrifice at some point. You tend to set your priorities in order. You may no longer seem to be the person that you used to be but youre fine with it anyway. You learn to adjust and compromise with the person you fell in love with. You dont recount on the issues in between you two but you tend to trust the person more than the blossoming relationship.

In traveling, you are forced to make a lot of sacrifices too. You cannot predict what happens on the road. Thus, you work your way to deal with every situation as it is, however its good or bad. You defy the odds that comes your way. You try to twist negative encounters with a fellow to something positive no matter what. On the road, you tend to be flexible in every situation. Thus, you always come glorious even during misadventures. You treat it like a life lesson you carry with you all through your next travels. You just adjust and learn to compromise, you become bolder, stronger and forgiving too.

3. You forget your reservations.

Falling in love with someone could be scary too. No matter how long you know the person does not give any assurance of security. But, because you intend to be open to the person as you fall deeply in love, you put your guards down and let yourself get through your own inhibitions.

Just like in traveling, allowing yourself to go out there puts you in an implausible amount of pressure. At times you tend to also feel burdened trying your best to make sure that things during each travels go smoothly as planned. But, once youre in it, you tend to overlook your dilemmas and set aside your doubts. Whats important is that youre there, enjoying the ride, and is terrifically ready for it no matter what happens in between.

4. You accept the good and the bad.

The more you get to know the person you just fell in love with, you find yourself falling in love even more. Learning about their dark past, sad story, and heavy luggage doesnt change it. You learn to embrace them and even end up loving their flaws too. In traveling, misadventures are inevitable. However, you know how to handle every bad situation you encounter. You just accept it and treat it like a whole new experience to learn from.

5. You divulge that part of you that nobody knows.

When youre just starting to get into a relationship, little by little you bare your soul. That soul may just be about that side of you that others dont know of. You can just be the person that you are with this person, comfortably. The same is true when it comes to traveling. When youre new in a place, you tend to not be afraid to show and represent yourself. You could be as silly without worrying to be judged. You tend to find how its easier to even start up a conversation and say whats on your mind. Its even amusing how to end up revealing this side of you that you dont even know existed.

6. You are inspired and motivated.

Falling in love can be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Sometimes, you can picture a life with the person you fell in love with and that keeps you feeling good while doing your thing. You may find yourselves working on a common goal too. It keeps you both interested in keeping your growing relationship because you see that youre good for each other.

Traveling is a lot like that too. It can bring out the best in you in many ways. It could also be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Youll find yourself working hard to save for a travel fund and find yourself realizing your travel plan anytime soon. Youll want to work even harder, become better and, if possible, be more at everything. Because you think that it will make you fully equipped to deal with whatever is going to happen on the road. It matters to you to be a better person to share to the world and even a better person to share to your loved ones and friends when you get back home.

7. You want to try new things you never tried before.

Falling in love could also mean falling in love with the differences you share with someone. Not required, but you tend to try to experience how it is with your special someones shoes. You tend to push yourself out of your comfort zone to understand the person youre building a relationship with. There is essentially a reasonable rush of adrenaline that gives you confidence to do things you think you wouldnt do ever. Not to impress them but to genuinely show your interest in them by trying to make your flourishing relationship work. In traveling, the urge in wanting to try new things is unbelievable. You just cant get enough of anything. A new skill could open a door to another which pushes you to continuously try and learn another. Thus, trying becomes unending and so does traveling, as a huge venue to learning new things.

8. It is painful when its over.

Falling in love entails a lot of risks. Youre love may not be reciprocated. Youre blossoming relationship may not last. And it will hurt. It will hurt tremendously that you may no longer want to gamble in love anymore. Its the same with traveling, when time is up and its time to go home, youll find yourself wanting to stay a little longer. It saddens you that a trip is over especially when you eyed to visit the place too long. However, in traveling, there is just no moving on. You can just keep coming back and plan for more adventures.

9. You look forward each to moment.

You wake up with a smile and jump out of bed enthusiastically. You are positive about what the day has to offer. You simply just look forward to making the day even more worthwhile with your special someone or with the destination youre heading to. No matter how yesterdays may be tough, you actively wake up at dawn to watch out for the amazing sunrise, start on the trip early, beat the traffic, grab a sumptuous breakfast on the way, dare to experience, and yet, completely understand that misadventures are inherent. However, you look forward and anticipate a good day, anyway.

10. It leaves a mark in your life forever.

No matter how short or long the relationship would last, you know that it will always be a part of you. You know that some time in the future, you will remember the person. It could make you smile, it could make you sad, but, nevertheless, it will remind you of a lesson and you will only be grateful that you went through it and became the person that you are at the present. Just like in traveling, a destination can provide you a good view of how to see things differently. Whatever kind of memories you bring with you after a travel, you only end up being thankful that once in your life, you went through an experience that changed the way you see things and theres nothing going to be like it.

11. You see and appreciate how the earth could get colorful, not gray.

Everything just seems to be perfectly beautiful and faultless when you fall in love. You can overlook the flaws, the shortcomings, and doubts. The same goes with traveling, too. You just tend to be relaxed and be at peace. You just dont pay attention to the downsides but look into it in a positive perspective no matter how ugly it could possibly get. You just stay in a good mood, romanticizing everything the place has to offer, and seizing the moment without regrets but only good memories to treasure.

12. You cant get enough.

When you fall in love, every waking day seems like a moment to date and to exchange sweet nothings. You will find yourself having more sense of purpose. Your existence must now include loving and professing love continuously. The experience will make your heart skip a beat and everything you do will seem to revolve around it. Its a mixture of different emotions that you only find yourself craving for more. A day or two may not be enough. You have to see the person you fell in love with as often as you feel like it. In traveling, you will never get enough too. A place couldnt just be a place for you. You will find yourself wanting to experience some more. You will be filled with captured images but at some point, it will never be enough to describe your whole experience. Because the best storyteller will always be you who have experienced coming to a somewhere first hand.

13. You dont miss every detail no matter how little they are.

When you fall gradually in love, you get to know the person bit by bit too. You just dont miss a single little detail about them. It liberates you to know them all. Because somehow, it becomes a validation of how deeply you know the person youre in love with. Just like in traveling, you tend to look at every little thing too, youre very observant; from how each city run their streets, to their customs and traits, to every attraction that you come to explore. Thats why most travelers on record are great storytellers too because they are keen to observe and can readily notice anything.

14. You do anything to make it worthwhile.

You stay calm but try your hardest to make the growing relationship stable and exciting at the same time. You may not be sure where it leads you two but because you invested in genuine feelings and emotions, you simply try your best to make it work to last, somehow. Just like in traveling, you know it always comes with a risk but what would enjoyment mean when you dont go through all the difficulties on the road?

So there you have it, deciphered, how traveling is a lot like falling in love. And just like with falling in love, you may also fear, experience heartbreaks, rare little regrets, have lessons learned, and always a story to tell. Do you agree with us by saying that falling in love is a lot like traveling? How beautiful it is to love. Yet, how even beautiful it is to travel for some. Whats your take? Spread the love. Travel lots!

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