Taco-Printed Vans Are As Fresh As It Gets

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If you’ve ever wished you could wear your love for tacos on your feet without breaking the shell with each step, Vans’ new footwear collecting is going to stimulate you very happy( and hungry ).

The Late Night Pack” is replete with printed sneakers perfect for any foodie, whether you’re team sweet or team savory. You can find patterns of pizza, burgers, cupcakes and even the very trendy macaron on several styles of the company’s classic skate shoe. Also: donuts.

Vans The shoes expense from $55 to $70.

The shoes are calorie free and while adult styles, which run from $55 to $70, are much more costly than a slice of pizza, they’ll definitely last longer.

Vans Not sure if they wear these in France.
vans Vans’ pepperoni pizza Classic Slip-Ons stimulate running out the door to grab an edible version really simple. #NoLacesNoProblems

If you’re struggling to picking a favorite, you might recall Beyonce’s head-to-ankle pizza ensemble, which could have been complete with the assistance of a slip-on shoe.

A photo posted by BeYonc Styles (@ baddiebeystyle ) on Dec 6, 2013 at 6:11 pm PST

Just sayin’.

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