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Man livetweeted his flight sitting next to an emotional support duck

by acostae7851996 June 20, 2017 0 comments

In the past, farm animals like pigs and even turkeys have eased their nervous owners by accompanying them on aircrafts. Now it’s one duck’s turn to sit in coach.

On Sunday, Twitter user Mark Essig was delighted where reference is discovered a duck on his flight from Charlotte to Asheville. Daniel, a sweet emotional support duck accompanied his owned and hung out in the isle near Essig’s seat. Essig proceeded to live-tweet his flight with this new feathered friend, so we could all go along for the ride.

Daniel appeared to be more human than duck where reference is sat in a passenger seat, loved seeming out the window at the clouds and wore little duck shoes.

It seemed that Daniel the duck offered emotional support to Essig as well as his owned during their flight together.

Daniel has confirmed that not all birds are scaring, look great in red and wag their tail-feathers when they’re happy.

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