Joey Feek Shares ‘Last Dance’ with Her Husband& Says Im Gonna Beat ThisHis Reply Wrecked Me

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On the last day she strolled, they danced in her mother’s living room.

Rory Feek has amessage for the public about his terminally ill spouse, and it’s a heartbreaking one worth hearing.

As of lately, we all watch Joey as this dying cancer patient, who was once a vibrant country superstar, mom, and wife.

But there’s something Rory wants you to know. In his blog entitled “Braver Than Me, ” he writes

“I am ferociously protective of my spouse . Any man would be. With all shes going through, I merely want her to be seen in a good illumination. So, though Im merely an amateur with a camera, I try to use my lens and wordstolift Joey up . Like any woman, my wife is self-conscious about what cancer has done to her. Who she sees in the mirror these days looks like someone else not the woman that she feels like she is inside. And it hurts her deeply . I know that. So, I carefully opt what I share. It would transgress my heart to have the thousands of before photos out there of her looking beautiful and healthy all these years be replaced in peoples intellects and hearts by a single after photo of what cancer has done . She wants to be remembered as a singer of anthems. A devoted wife. A lovingmother. Not a cancer patient . And so I have tried to be very careful. To honor her . But my spouse is braver than me.”

He wants you to remember Joeyas she was for all of her amazing years on this planet , not how she aimed up right before sheleft. She’s still the same strong, bold, beautiful girl inside, only thinner-much thinner, and sporting a new do.

As their inspirational story spreads, the two have also battled how much is too much to share.He continued,

She wanted to know what was being said outside of this house. Out in the real world . I told her. I told her what was happening. At least what I supposed seemed to be happening. That somehow, people a lot of people have been following her narrative. Our story. And how she was inspiring otherswith her courage. And how what Ive been writing has been encouraging others in ways too . And we talked about how much is too much to share. Howhonest do we really want to be ? Its like questioning God about the twistings and turns hes brought into our life in the last few years and asking Him how much is too much ?. Sometimes I feel like shouting, we get it Godyoure in control. Life is fragile and all we have is today. But He simply maintains bringing more narrative and more ache, and more beauty all at the exact same hour . So together, we made some decisions. This is our life. Its what He has given us to live. And share .

Sharing what were going through with others is actually all wehave to give. If you share what youre going through with me perhaps Ill be able to draw something good from itif I am one day in your shoes.”

Joey can’t get out of bedanymore, but Rorysays she’s so incredibly “sharp and clear” that outside of her bad days, you’d guess she’s her normal self. “But she is beautiful. So so so beautiful, ” he writes. “When God begins to take the lightfrom the outside the light inside only shines all that much brighter.”

He also wants to redefine hospice for people.

Many, myself included, have been guilty of assuming that “hospice” connotes someone is within days or moments of death. But Rory clears up that that’s simply not true.

“I think, like me, most people probably guess when they hear that word that it means that the family must be gathered around their loved one watching them say their final words and inhaling their last breath. And Im sure in some cases, it probably happens that style, ” he said. “But last year when my mother was dying of cancer after hospice was brought in Mom lived another 3 or 4 more months before she inhaled her last. Ive since heard that its not uncommon for people to be on hospice for 6 months, or longer.”

He faithfullyasserted 😛 TAGEND “But God chooses the appointed time. Not us. Not hospice . My spouse is strong. Very very strong. So is her will to live. Especially with a little one who gets aroused every morning to ensure her .

There isnt a day that goes by that she doesnt appear me and her family in the eye and say Im gonna beat this, or Im getting better, I believe that. And she asks me if I believe it, and I do.”

Though she can’t put one foot in front of the other physically anymore, that won’t stop her from doing it spiritually, for she knows Jesusis strolling with her.

Just a few days ago, on the last day Joey strolled, Rory wrapped her in his arms in their living room-and they danced, perhapsthe last dance they will ever share.

But God will be the magistrate of that , not hospice.

Joey elaborates onthe beautiful moment he shared with his wife 😛 TAGEND “She steadied with her cane and I softly moved her acrossthe room singing George Straits You Appear So Good In Love in her ear.” In the middle of the sung though, as I was being careful not to step on her toes she stopped and looked up at me and told, How about if I lead ?. And I followed her leading as we slowly two-stepped on her momma living room floor . Like dancing, she wants to do this right, or not do it at all to share the good, the bad, and the beautiful .

And so we will.”

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