How one ugly pair of shoes sparked an 8-month Twitter roasted

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Back in February, Twitter power user @fart( real name Jon Hendren) was foolish enough to post this photo of some shoes he had purchased.

What followed began as something of a good-natured ribbing but eventually edged into legitimate roasting, emotional abuse, and over the course of many weeks, outright harassment. In particular, @Arr( David Thorpe) proved unwilling to let the issue drop, continuing to blast Hendrens footwear for the rest of the calendar year.

Read the best of his shoe-dissing and try not to pee your gasps 😛 TAGEND

Anyone looking to get in on the action may take heart: The thread is continually resuscitated, and as of this very minute, people are still replying to the original photo. Theres merely no shaking them.

Speaking to New York magazine, Thorpe explained his successful trolling:

Glad you enjoyed the shoe content. Interactions have been through the roof. All credit really goes to my social media team; once I saw the viral possibility the shoes presented, they agreed to put in a late night coming up with some fantastic content .

Furthermore, Hendren has been a good athletic about it.

Theres no real hard feelings between Dave and I. I think hes really smart and really funny. Only thing is, he tends to hire vengeful scoundrels for his social squad. The entire reason the roast went on as long as it did is that they knew from having worked with me that my head novelist Paulo had already gone to bed, leaving me essentially unable to respond. It was pretty bad at the timemy Klout went down nearly 4 pointsbut thankfully I dont believe it damaged my brand irreparably. Interactions and brand awareness are as strong as ever, and Dave and I made up over a bottle of white zin a few weeks later .

Truly, “its what” Twitter was constructed for.

Photo via @fart/ Twitter

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