5 Pregnant Beyonc Costume Ideas To Feel Like A Queen This Halloween

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It’s the most wonderful hour of the year, kiddos. No … not Christmas … Halloween! October is right around the corner and as we gear up to trick-or-treat our asses all over township for the year’s most chaotic, fun, and candy-filled holiday, it’s impossible to not think about your attire. That being said, these pregnant Beyonce costume ideas are pure, iconic, gold.

Let’s be real, it’s been a crazy year in pop culture, so there are definitely tons of viable alternatives out there for badass Halloween attires. You could throw on a mask and go as Trump or Hillary; you could grab a guitar and some cowboy boot and go as one of the “old” Taylors; you could get crafty AF and go as Wonder Woman, or you could go big and go as your favorite character from. While any of these ideas, if doing well, would definitely win you a costume contest , none even compare to pregnant Beyonce.

Beyonce has had some majorly iconic seems over the years, and, as an icon of our time, there’s no way you would go unrecognized if you were to choose any of Mrs. Carter’s legendary appears. Since her most popular appear thus far this year has been pregnant Bey, though, that’s definitely the way to go. And, I entail, what better style to honor our nation’s royal family than by celebrating the heirs to the royal throne? Here are some attire ideas to help you pull off a f pregnant Bey look this year and have everyone at the party.

1. Pregnant VMAs Beyonce

Kevin WInter/ Getty Images

Take it old school with this one and recreate Beyonce’s 2011 VMAs look. Perhaps one of the most legendary moments in VMAs history, this is the looking where Bey famously announced she was pregnant with Blue Ivy while performing “Love on Top.”

What you’ll require:

A blonde curly wig( unless you have the hair to pull this off, in which lawsuit, more power to you !) A white button-down shirt A pair of black pants A purple sequined blazer A microphone( optional) A dark brown bra A pair of baby blue silk shorts or panties( depending on what kind of party this is) A mint green veil A flower crown A( fake) gold tiara, unless you can afford a real one, or a gold sheer veil A gaudy gold choker or bib necklace A gold sequined dress Gold bracelets Huge circular, gold earrings A fake Grammys trophy. A little black dress A wide-brimmed black sun hat Black wedges/ heels A yellow satin kimono/ robe A black handbag

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